Gen X is tired of Boomers’ Bullsh*t

Speaking as a GenX whom has literally been spit on for being generous, different, compassionate and condemned as a ‘poor investment’ by Boomers, and, for the petulant, entitled, spoiled Boomers who loudly proclaimed, like the old Smith Barney investment company ad they created, ‘Respect is earned.’: You’ve forgotten that Respect works BOTH ways. You haven’t earned it. AND you’ve forgotten that the Boomers were never the greatest generation. Your parents who lived through the Depression, fought and won WW2, THEY, were the greatest generation. Yes. We are sick of your entitled self-righteous bullsh*t. It was old the first time you told us that we/GenX were a poor investment, not worth your time nor best.


The generations following are ALWAYS your best investment AND worth the effort of investing your best in, not claiming it all for yourself and then some. Paying it forward and accountability are concepts lost on Boomers. Boomers’ actions now are as bad as their words. They still haven’t earned it. Never will, acting nor speaking as they have and continue to do.

They have forgotten an old maxim: “Take ACTION, and you’ll also be taking control. Take RESPONSIBILITY, and you’ll also be taking ownership. Take OFFENSE, and you’ll also be taking time and energy away from your SUCCESS!”.

Karma and history are like consequences, no one escapes either. The Boomers have made blame their philosophy, religion, politics and life’s work at the expense of their families, kids, marriages, careers & economies, as well as the planet sized bitterness they heap on everyone else, especially their own progeny, in their religion, their politics, everything they do, everything they take and take credit for, except responsibility for themselves. It shows. Glaringly. What a waste. Time to move on. We did. Decades ago.

Generation X is Sick of Your Bullshit



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Just a guy directly challenged to write and share my experiences. This is not easy.

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