Still Tired of the Bullsh*t

In conversation recently, I relayed my complete lack of interest in “church” and “religion” to a christian intent upon drawing me into church and my preference to not entertain the thought due to church, any church’s corruption. Their strident, insistent, rapturous response? “We create the church we need.”

“Bullshit.” I replied.  “You’ve created another cheap idol complete with marketing slogan to bow down to.” If it smells like it, walks like it, and quacks like it, it is, BS. Stop selling. I’m not interested. If that threatens or intimidates you, it’s your problem, not mine. Nature is the only cathedral I have or need for the temple comprising my body, mind and heart. A good place to be by reckoning or otherwise. Respect my choice as I respect yours. If I have love for others, then the love of the divine is in me. If I don’t, then the love of the divine is not in me. If all the rocks and stones and all of creation sing out, then, it sounds like nature is a perfect cathedral. More people need to practice their spirituality in private as Daniel did, their lives will accurately reflect their spirituality. Funny how that whole “Live quietly, mind your own business, work with your hands” / “Be still” thing has been tossed out in favor of an in your face, accusatory, talk radio mindset. No. No Thank you. I’ll take a quiet walk in the woods, field, desert, or vessel on water, on shore, on a mountain, in a valley any day for that still small voice no one wants to listen to. #religion #fail #BS


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Just a guy directly challenged to write and share my experiences. This is not easy.

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