My Dad

Fathers Day
My Dad

Happy Fathers Day Dad. I miss you. A little raw, unfinished, unedited. Forgive me the lack lack of polish. Thank you For:
Not farming out the job of being a Dad out to someone else while you were still alive
Showing me how to treat women AND men, with respect
Teaching me not to armchair other people’s lives. I’m not them, and they’re not me.
Showing me that life is not a competition with others, it’s about being a better person than I was the day before, that he who has the most toys doesn’t win when they die.

Showing me that what’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside
Showing me how to rest. If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be any good to anyone else.
Teaching me at an early age to not jump into anyone else’s disputes. It’s their dispute, they will work it out. If it’s physical, then break it up or get someone who can.
Teaching me to keep raising the bar for myself, and that the bar is for me, not others
Teaching me how to forgive myself and others

Teaching me how to help
Teaching me that not helping family in need is evil
Teaching me not to judge others.
Teaching me to ride a bike.
Giving me a love of music
Teaching me to love
Teaching me to encourage and respect others, their differences, their spirituality, and their choices and pursuits.
Teaching me how to take care of my car
Teaching me how to make a Pro & Con list
Teaching me how to give and critique good customer service
Teaching me how to observe and document
Teaching me how to apologize
Teaching me how to cook
Teaching me how to love
Teaching me how, when, and when not to fight

Teaching me that there’s a difference between walking away and quitting. Sometimes, enough really is enough.
Teaching me Why is more important than How
Teaching me how to practice my chosen form of spirituality, like Daniel, in secret. It’s not a show. Live it.
Teaching me how to live with integrity
Teaching me how to study, learn, and research.
Teaching me to check Consumers’ Report First
Teaching me how to race, calculate my shift points on a tach, how to tune a motor, how to shift without using a clutch, how to skid, how to fly a kite, how to go sledding, wax the runners, wax the car, change the oil and Do It Myself.

Most of all, thank you for being my hero, for doing all of this, BY DOING IT YOURSELF, and for just being my Dad. I was surprised, and grateful, to discover you are my hero, and was able to share that with you when you were still alive.

I miss you every day Dad, just as much as you missed Grandpa & Grandma and Mammaw & Pappaw.


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Just a guy directly challenged to write and share my experiences. This is not easy.

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