Spirituality, or, Religion is a Poor Substitute for Truth

My comments from a recent online discussion: The dangers of equating religion with spirituality are manifest, and, why so many reject it, the accompanying outward forms and illusion. _Falling Upward_ is a good expression of this. I think what he is I’m trying to say is that spirituality, true communion, belong to no outer forms manipulated by hollow cultural & traditional religious frameworks enforced by religious lawyers with their own axes to grind, politically, doctrinally, and personally. Truth sees the inner man, not the outer forms that are worshipped as much and more than any God. We worship in spirit and truth in secret. Depth & growth are the provenance of spirit, not anyone’s religious enforcers, nor religion’s outward forms. The spirit is filled with what is already in one’s heart. Funny, christianity’s own Jesus, regularly, upbraided the “religious” and their putrid self righteous dead men’s bones housed in shiny, white washed religious tombs, ossuaries, bone boxes, all, constructed completely entirely of religion’s external forms. He welcomed all to fellowship with the Divine. He despised skewered those who valued their own purity and external proofs over simple human compassion, dignity, love, and respect. Zealots and fanatics like Saul and others saw their error and still struggled with their own shackles of religion, even they admitted it and felt the schisms its outward forms created. The freedom offered is freedom from the tyranny OF religion. That is precisely what offended the pharisees so much. They loved and worshipped their religion more than the divine. Religion is a horrible master, and an even worse idol.  What religion finds so threatening is a way vastly different, simpler, more powerful, and ultimately more effective. The beloved loved those who loved as extravagantly as the lover. Love’s spirit took care of all external forms. So yes, it is inward as the spirit grows outward as an expression of love, not an expression of religion, any religion, nor its dictates nor dogma as the accretions of religion continue to repel, even as they did over 2000 years ago, repelling even the divine itself. Religion itself was turned on its head for a reason, 2000 years ago: it doesn’t work.


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