Lowering the Boom

Boom Gate is Down
Boom Gate is Down

From a recent discussion thread of my comments combined into a single post. Joel Hunter is right, things are changing. Remains to be seen if its for the better in the church. I have no patience left. Spirituality is sick of the hatred. Those spiritualizing and politicizing the hatred are the worst. This may cause some to unfriend or block me. So be it. I’ve literally been spit on and attacked in scorn and sheer spite for nothing more than believing in the simple power of love, grace, and respect. Arguing theology is NOT spirituality, kind humble loving service is. If you can’t be kind, I’m not interested. It’s the first fruit of any spirituality along with gentleness, meekness, humility, and love. Love is never tough. He lived real love, saving special zeal and anger for the money grubbing priests and bankers in the temple with a well-deserved flogging and thrashing. Historically, it’s nothing new for those that worship work, wealth and books more than God, dating back to Roman days. This isn’t a troll, it’s historical fact and perspective. And the rest of us are rightly rejecting it. Silence is just as bad.

Sometimes you just have to answer the ignorance that stupidly burns all in its path.

Perspective: History will not look kindly on the Tea Party nor those that have preached it from the pulpit for centuries. Speak up, or you may lose the right to do so.  #teaparty   #religion   #fail   #history   #win  (placed all of my comments from thread in one place)
They HATE this one, always shuts them up :
“Do everything you can to live a quiet life. Mind your own business. Work with your hands, just as we told you to.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11 Their ignorance of their own spiritual demands of their own Book is just as galling. The bible does, in fact, tell them to live quietly, mind their own business, and work with their hands – not their mouths. Morons.

Part 1: Having a few T.P. nutbags in my family makes me very appreciative of a History/English double minor with Math/CompSci double major. A bit stilted, if correct, summary of puritanical religious thought driving some of this: https://www3.nd.edu/~rbarger/www7/puritans.html

Part 2: T.P. religious delusions continue throughout history starting with an English Civil War that they’d love to finish in America since everyone in England and Europe actively surpressed them centuries ago. They were kicked out for a reason, fled, and created an intolerant violent society on a new continent.  #irony  http://www.factsfornow.scholastic.com/article?product_id=nbk&type=0ta&uid=10749162&id=a2024385-h

Part 3: T.P. psychology of Authoritarian Impulses http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/ and appeals to ‘authority’

Part 4: Being Silent only encourages their delusions. Every single one of them has learned, instead, to remain silent around me regarding anything Tea Party related. I brook absolutely no bullshit, and never check my brain at the door for anyone, ever, anywhere. Facts and the weight of history silences their screeching ignorance. Don’t remain silent. Otherwise they will falsely claim your agreement.

Part 5: I’ve shared this before elsewhere but sums up what I’ve encountered via T.P. combined w/religion. William Blake nailed then, as he does today.
“Where the rubber meets the road. Blake’s lucid words STILL penetrate the solitary box of hell on earth while escaping into today:

‘To folks who have an insatiable appetite for vengeance against prisoners who have committed terrible crimes, perhaps it doesn’t even matter how cruel or unusual my plight is or isn’t. For people who cannot let go of hate and know not how to forgive, no amount of remorse would matter, no level of contrition would be quite enough, only endless retribution would be right in their eyes…only an eternity in hell would satisfy them. Given even that in retribution, though, the unforgiving haters wouldn’t be satisfied that hell was hot enough; they’d want the heat turned up. Thankfully, these folks are few, that in the minds of many, enough is enough.’ – William Blake (emphasis mine)

They set themselves as sole judge, jury, & executioner of anything they deem a crime, anything from celebrating Christmas (banned and criminally punished under puritanical law in England and the Colonies), to whatever offends them today, politically and especially religiously. They are no better than the jihadist traitors they see everywhere in their conspiracy-laced fog of unreality. The spirit and fruit of manufacturing sin, self-righteous war, and, ‘authority’ in the hate with which it is spewed effects us, still, today.  Thankfully, they aren’t God. Enough is enough.


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